Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Serials and Scenarios ~ Archetype Coffee Reviewed

I love that Omaha is getting more and more trendy and bringing some of the best from other locales into the area. 

The newest coffee shop in town is absolutely a blast from Seattle. Two years after visiting, I still miss the plethora of coffee shop choices and fine brews we got to experience while there. Now, the Omaha metro area is offering quite a few choices, each with it's own unique strengths and personality. 

Archetype Coffee (the link is to their FB page) just opened last week. 

They offer an urban and sleek atmosphere and beans from small coffee roasters. 

The menu is clean and sleek as well, and we enjoyed an excellent pour over. 

Though I didn't try an oat milk latte, that's for next time, I'm excited that they offer different non-dairy milk choices. They didn't have baked goods or treats other than fresh fruit the day we visited, so don't plan on being able to get goodies. Though if you check the Facebook page before going you might get the lowdown. I noticed that they did mention having a bakery that was going to supply something or other. 

If you are in the "Blackstone District" just West of Midtown (40th and Farnam area) and you want a great cup of coffee, give them a try.

I love the little quirky touch of the beaker that holds another 1/3 cup of coffee. And the covered outdoor seating.