Thursday, March 29, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Reclaiming Nick

The book:

The Author:

The Review:

Susan May Warren excels in writing men. I didn't warm up to her main heroine until several chapters into the book, but Nick grabbed me right away.

Warren has a way with words. Bursts of beautiful prose fill "Reclaiming Nick."

Tragedy marks each major character, and as I read, I began to root for them, hoping they'd find what they needed.

A touch of mystery added to the read. Enough detail was provided that the conclusion didn't shock me, so those of you who don't do well with intense suspense should be able to read it with ease.

The underlying spiritual themes of redemption, forgiveness and God's sovereignty were thoughtfully written. Christianese was not overdone, but the spiritual truths were strong.

The relationships covered in the book were handled well, also. "Reclaiming Nick" didn't feel sitcom surreal (perfect resolution in seventeen and a half minutes.)

Warren stuck to her genre guidelines and crafted mostly believable, almost real characters. I will finish the series.

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