Thursday, May 04, 2006

Scary and Sensational - Stay Tuned - Collins & Hines Summer Thrillers

Heather has thrown down a gauntlet. I now have a goal to make her wet her pants.

How quickly good ideas degenerate into the earthiness of humanity. sigh.

I may share my Dr. Seussian mom moment – that could do it. I’ll have to swirl that one around in my sieve-like brain to see if anything falls out. (Pun intended – like a disposable diaper circa 1973.)

While I’m stewing on that let me share a differently slanted thought.

I’ve decided that Christian fiction writers are some of the neatest, and most talented individuals you could ever hope to meet.

Not only have I been blessed enough to have a group of extremely talented and encouraging critique partners, but I’ve somehow gotten into the enviable place where I occasionally get to read an ARC. Advanced Reader Copies look like the novel, sound like the novel, smell like the novel, but aren’t quite cooked yet. Kind of like entering the kitchen and inhaling baking chocolate chip cookies, oh so close, but you gotta let them cool so you don’t have to seek treatment for severe throat and lip burns.

I have in my possession two very excellent reads that haven’t quite dinged the timer. So, I’ll just dangle these in front of you for just a few seconds.

Brandilyn Collins new series – Kanner Lake – debuts with Violet Dawn. If you love her, you’re going to love this book. If you haven’t read her, and you like suspense, and strong characters – ditto. Suffice it to say that I only stopped reading because my eyes crossed with exhaustion and I couldn’t make out the words. I’ll post a review on Amazon and CBD, soon.

T.L. Hines is a newbie novelist. His Waking Lazarus is -- wow – you’ll be hearing his name thrown around a lot in the next few months. Again, I’ll be posting some reviews. My husband, who does not read a lot, and rarely fiction, picked it up one night and couldn’t put it down. So I was thrilled when he had to work late the next night so we didn’t have to wrestle for it. I so hate it when he begs! Another compelling, eye-crossing read.

I’ll see if I can muster up something for Heather tomorrow. Hmmm.