Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Serials and Scenarios – New Book - Dark Hour

I don't know Ginger Garrett. Reading the premise and the reviews of Dark Hour gave me goose bumps.

I'm familiar with the Biblical women she fictionalizes. Athaliah and Jezebel have fascinated me in a car crash kind of way -- my head swivels and looks even though my eyes can't bear to witness the grief or the horror they may encounter.

How could a mother do what Athaliah did? A question that my mind has pondered when encountering current headlines, too. As you as intrigued as I am? Read on, and click away.

Several copies of Dark Hour have been made available to blog commenters. If you comment, you'll be tossed into a drawing. Make sure I can get a hold of you to get your snail-mail, so no anonymous unless I have a way to track you down. My drawing will be Friday, the 6th at noon.

The book - Dark Hour

The author - Ginger Garrett's website: