Friday, September 21, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - New Keys, New Thoughts Part 2

I previously shared all about my lack of a writers conference this year.

Bottom came down to a no-brainer of a choice for me. A conference in Dallas would cost over a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars in the scheme of things is not horrific, nor would it be a waste of money. I'd get every dime's worth out of it.

But I made a deal with myself when I started writing, selling and spending money to grow as a writer -- if I don't have the money coming in, I'm not spending what I don't have.

I've sold a few things this year. I could've sold more had I pursued more opportunities. I taught a few local drama classes with a friend and we could teach another this fall. But I am struggling right now as to where my writing is going and what I'm supposed to be pursuing.

I've consistently sold some devotionals to a couple of teen markets. That's nice. Especially when I think that my thoughts can possibly help someone dealing with some yucky life junk. I love blogging and reviewing...but that's not a source of income. However, I did get a paying gig out of it and I've gotten some really amazing books.

At this point in the year, I could pay airfare or hotel or the conference fee but not all three.

Well, the hotel doesn't actually count since it posted a picture of me with "Do Not Let This Woman In!" emblazoned with black Sharpie across my forehead. Dallas parks must be mild and accomodating this time of year. My flying buddies from MN aren't going though, so the park might get lonely.

And as much as I'd love to meet up with others I see once a year or never, I just can't justify going.

So, I gathered my recent, hard-earned windfall and went in on a sweet Sony laptop with my hubby. Amazing deal and a rebate.

Now. All I need is to figure out what I'm supposed to be writing!!! And I'll hope that maybe the Dallas hotel situation dies down so I can go next year.