Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Uh, Maps n' Peppers

Due to multiple technical difficulties a) my computer is still days away from being "healed" and I'm still banking or blackmailing or whining upon the kindness of family members, b) my computer is the only one that downloads pictures straight from the little picture disk. That said...this is why we have a picture of the infamous-crab-pepper-of-the-paper-plate-region which has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

EER, being the literal and creative friend that she is, wanted to make sure I was able to get to her in case she won one of those amazing Hachette book giveaways. So, with all her scientific, mathmatic and creative skills she drafted a map to help me find her should she win.

Said map is on a teeny, tiny scrap paper roughly 2" x 4", or in graduation season, think "wallet size" map. Little numbers and sketches cover both sides of said "map." She showed it to me. What is it? I wanted to know. She excitedly explained that it was a map from my desk to hers. Yes, we work in the same office. She walked off the amount of steps it takes from my space to hers. A little squiggle with the number two written above it veers right followed by four more steps and a slight lean right....yeah, you get it.

Seriously, This is my life. But wouldn't it be boring without my friends, whether furry, funny, equipped with technology or a combination of all of the above?