Friday, January 18, 2013

#10 QuitCHIR ~ Visionary

My vision is SO distorted. This picture is how I see my world. Wavy lines, twisted shadows, and an almost unrecognizable image.  

My worldview, my personality, my experiences, my circumstances all pull at my senses so that what I see is a shadow of what is.

I find it fascinating that the Bible tells me I see things as puzzling reflections. Almost as if God understands my condition and that He is willing and able to work on my vision for and with me.

You know what truly amazes me?  God knows me completely. And He loves me, anyway. And I can say that about you, too. Regardless of how we see things, what images and shadows and distortions we hide from or shadow box....we are loved. We are valuable to the God of the universe. 

What big confusing mirror image would you like to have straightened out? Maybe you should talk to God about that. 

Have a great weekend.