Thursday, March 04, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ God Sightings and Faith Rumblings

Ways I've seen God work this week:

Obvious one. 23 arrived safely, survived an 8.8 earthquake, and is in an upbeat frame of mind and is anxious to help wherever and however she can.

The earthquake that rocked my world rocked several others. Without going into a lot of details let's just say that I have shared my faith and talked about God's power and peace more this week than I remember ever talking about it. At work it's come up. The newscasts and newspaper articles are causing people to ask me questions that they've avoided or never thought to ask me. I have shared details about the crazy peace He gave me with crying individuals. It's been awesome. I know this is happening to most of the folks involved in this as well. .

I am working on starting a ministry that I don't really want to start. But I feel like I'm supposed to, that it's important and that I'm the one who is supposed to start it. I was questioned by someone who is infamous for being sour and I was able to separate my feelings from the truth. The truth is that individual is sour and that most ideas are going to evoke a "bitter beer face." I feel freed from trying to please this person and actually really only feel a burden to give God what He's asking from me and that He'll work out the details and the wisdom part. I have gotten some serious affirmation from some others, those whom I feel the burden to minister to.

My rear-end is sore and I feel my ab muscles and I love feeling healthy after working out and I'm grateful that God has given me a body that I'm able to work out with.

Lily and Lola are being extremely good while 23 is gone. One broken flower pot which was pretty much human stupidity. Why would we put it at tail level I ask you. Three nervous pees. One ripped-up bread sack, two ripped-up napkins and that's it. Impressive. Really impressive.

It feels like spring instead of winter. Nuff said.

Have a blessed weekend. I plan to count mine... (blessings)