Monday, July 14, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Made It..

This isn't going to be a whining blog post. More like a whoa, did I actually survive that 24 hour period? So. In retrospect there probably will be whining. 
A Oreo which was sat upon. Oops!

But not like complaining whining, k? 

& was in a wedding on Saturday. And she now has three kids. The bachelorette party babysitting was covered by an older teen girl who is great with the kids. We had the 24 hour overnight shift that covered the rehearsal and wedding (with a tiny break while we went to a wedding reception and my lovely parents watched the nuggets. Thanks, Mom and Dad.) 

Just's been awhile since I had a three year old in my care, or a five year old...for 24+ hours. 

Amazingly, we did survive. All of us. 

But, my admiration for single parents has grown 10K fold. And three kids, two big dogs and two puppies over a 24 hour period certainly means loads and loads of opportunity for energy exertion and energy drain. Both of which we experienced. The plus side was that the pups are instant interactive toys, and kids give pups lots of exercise. 

One large urinating upon Rob's shoes was the worst leak and wasn't canine in nature, and was a bit of an accident because who wants to stop playing in time to make it to the potty?

One activity was repotting one HUGE aloe vera plant into 28 pots. Showers and laundry followed, but it was fun and kept everyone busy for two hours.