Saturday, October 06, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Tricia Goyer's My Life Unscripted

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Youth workers and teens from Sherwood Community Church and volunteers from a pregnancy counseling agency, Gabriel's Corner, and a group home for girls were given a copy of Tricia Goyer's new book, My Life Unscripted.

These are some of the questions we decided to ask Tricia.

What is the biggest mistake a teen can make in life?

Tricia: The biggest mistake a teen girl can make is trying to handle everything herself. God created us to NEED Him. He wants to guide us. I know when I was a teen I tried to do thing my own way ... oh the drama, the pain, the heartache, the mess!

What helpful, simple steps/advice can you give a girl who wants to act on her feelings in the worst way?

Tricia: Emotions can change. It helps to remember that. Sometime I very badly want to do something I KNOW I shouldn't do. My emotions tell me it's what I WANT ... even though my heart tells me it's a bad idea. During times like those I pray that God will change my emotions. He does.

What is the biggest danger of living the unscripted, highly dramatic lifestyle?

Tricia: The biggest danger is getting swept away. We get caught up in the drama and emotion around us and we lose our foothold--and our foundation. High drama leads to highs and lows. The highs only last for so long, and the lows .... well, they are hard to overcome and many young women give up trying. I know more than one young woman who has felt that suicide is the only way out. Either that they find ways to numb the pain, which never work.

What is the one thing you want teens to take away from your book?

That they CAN have a good future, starting today. We can make different decisions and better choices, and with each choice we take toward God, we're taking a step away from destructive habits.

What is your biggest regret? We know God did some amazing things and has blessed you way beyond your expectations. But what is the one thing you'd like to rewind and do over? Or if you could make one change in your own teen years, what change would that be?

My biggest regret is having an abortion at age 15. A life was lost because of my decision, and I can never take that back. I've given the pain, shame, and regret to God and He's healed my heart, but until the day I die I'll carry the knowledge that I chose to end my child's life without given him a chance. It's very sad.

My review of My Life Unscripted:

Tricia Goyer has used her many writing strengths to pull together possible life saving information for a whole new generation of teenagers. Tricia, like a lot of us, carries around a past, one she'd like others to avoid. Armed with that desire, she is an outspoken advocate of thinking before you act and learning from the mistakes of others.

Wise instruction is delivered by Tricia who shares parts of her own teen life in screenplay format. Included in the book are areas for teens to journal and honest instruction and help from clusters of Bible verses throughout. In addition, Tricia has interviewed teens around the country asking them about struggles and issues. Organized in sound or information bites that is My Space/Facebook/Blog reader easy to read.

If you have a young woman in your life, I'd suggest that the purchase of My Life Unscripted instead of a cute T-shirt, or a new bottle of perfume might be a very helpful, welcome and wise choice.