Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Road Escapade ~ The New Interactive Game

For the moment, I'm disagreeing with Forrest Gump's Mama. Life isn't like a box of chocolates.

It's more like a high-stakes interactive video game.

While attempting to go from Point A (home base) to Point B (work) I believe I wracked up about 10K in points.

This is how.

Iowa Road Escapade, the game.


1. Try to dodge obvious items on road. This can be people, animals and debris.

2. Try to avoid the hidden openings that will grab tires and, if you hit enough, will take you to another level altogether. The hidden openings are often referred to as potholes. Many are a foot deep and some will spread nearly across the entire lane of traffic requiring the driver to use evasive stunt-driving techniques or to just grit teeth and brace for contact.

3. The lives you get depe
nd on your tread, car size, wear and tear and how darn deep the pothole is.

Today's game:

While dodging potholes, hidden under chunks of snow, along the edge of roads, at apexes of driveways and disguised like simple black ice, I encountered a gaggle of turkeys. ( I was unable to take a picture due to the extremely dangerous encounter. But I am NOT kidding.)

Turkeys which I had to avoid.

This was not easy as they were meandering across one of our busier main through-ways. When I say meander, I mean meander. Slow turkey shuffles. An obvious entourage of one understudy male, a handful of adoring females and one alpha male with tail in full fan.


After the turkey encounter I dodged and weaved making it to work with only one direct hit.

Got to love Iowa roads. And I'm just thankful I'm not way northeast of here.