Saturday, October 25, 2008

Super Cinema Saturday ~ Fireproof

Fireproof is a must-see for so many reasons. For your consideration.

Despite the title and fiery photographs/trailers, this is not a movie just about intense drama and danger. Don't misunderstand, there is plenty of edge-of-seat drama and enough danger to make the two hour movie fly by, but if you don't want to see it because of the intensity factor, rest assured, the intensity is secondary to the story of Kat and Caleb.

Though this movie is made by a church, and mentions the uncomfortable words, Jesus, sin and afterlife, it also covers heavy, heavy subject matters that plague so many marriages. Though Jesus, sin and afterlife are mentioned throughout I'd estimate that spiritual matters are probably discussed a total of ten minutes in the two hours of film.

There is a touch of cheesiness. The low budget, the melding of soundtrack/dialogue in a few scenes, and the woodenness of a few secondary characters were minor irritants. However, Kirk Cameron does an outstanding job. I was truly impressed. I wasn't enthusiastic about the Left Behind movies and his part seemed pretty one-dimensional in that series of films. But in Fireproof, Kirk hits every possible emotion and is very believable as a man who is facing a fork-in-the-road.

The writing is well-done. The filmmakers have thrown in their customary goofy humor. Several scenes are laugh out loud funny which again makes the two hours fly by. Humorous one-liners are peppered throughout.

Fireproof is not just for married couples or married couples in a at-risk relationship. Everyone on the planet has relationships. The common sense "Love Dare" instructions and suggestions could help restore, mend or soften any hardened, near-dead relationship you might have.

I appreciated the realism that was represented in Kat and Caleb's struggle. Having a marriage that was as bad as theirs, and having been blessed by God's healing and restoration of said marriage, I know where they were coming from and their words and actions were very realistic. That realism and the end result should resonate with couples everywhere and bring hope to some really desperate people.

See this movie. Wait, if you must, for the budget theaters or for Red Box rentals so you don't have to shell-out big dollar movie ticket money. However, if you are in a relationship that is dying, I'd suggest that you invest the $8 or $10 a ticket and see it tonight.