Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Oh My!

I filled my new bookshelves. I mean I filled them. I don't have a clue how many books I have, but the space for new books is limited at best.

It leaves me pondering where I used to keep them all.

The really scary thing is this picture was taken after I unloaded large bags at my local and church libraries.

The books pictured on my shelves are the ones I want to read, have started to read or have finished and will go back to revisit.

Ha. To think that I thought my hubby was going overboard. Nope. He just knows me pretty well.

I suppose there are worse collections to have. This way I can at least pretend to be intelligent. If I pose neer the theology and study helps section anyway.

Lily peeks from the steps. Kind of creepy if you ask me.