Friday, March 23, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Don't Get Out Much...

Do you ever realize that your memories are not exactly reality?

Or that there are reasons that you may not be invited back to a moderately fancy restaurant?

My eldest daughter and a few of her friends invited me out for a nice dinner.

Their first mistake. I’d been to the restaurant before, so I didn’t turn them down.

This place has the most amazing bread. Kind of a do-it-yourself garlic bread bar at every table. Garlic infused olive oil (EVOO for you Rachel Ray fans), chopped tomatoes, real parmesan cheese (that’s right! Not the stuff from the can – do we know how to pick a classy place or what?) And the very best part… roasted garlic cloves that you use like butter, smearing the yummy contents across your bread.

I told the girls that I thought we could all eat for around $10.00 a plate.

Did I mention that I hadn’t been to that particular restaurant in ten years or so?

The food, yummy as I remember. The price? Well a whole lot different.

So $20.00 a person later, we realized there might be a reason they put us by the kitchen.

They, over the delicious aromas, smelled trouble.

We didn’t lack for water refills (none of us could afford pop) nor did we lack for hilarity.

From movie line quotes meeting with a mis-swallowed gulp of water, to excessive spillage, we had a great time. I’m sure the patrons around us thought maybe we’d just fallen off a farm truck when we enthused about the mouthwash dispenser.

Ah yeah, we had fun. Laughed til we hurt, and ate until we nearly burst. Good thing, we won’t be able to afford another night out for a long time.