Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ When the Cat's Away...

The fish will pay...(apologies to any PETA folks)

In celebration of his first year of teaching having gone well and being OVER...Rob went on a tiny fishing trip.
Day one...Monday... he called and said it was so windy he hoped to actually be able to fish fabulous Star Lake, Minnesota.
Day Two... I get pictures of a small but just right fish pile plus this one. Obviously the wind died down.
Day Three...we'll see. He's supposed to come home tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I still wait for my computer part. Gotta love extended warranties. It's covered. It's free, as in pre-paid by the extended warranty purchase. It was even easy. One phone call did it all.
However, as they confirmed the way too easy transaction the very friendly man mentioned the travel time from them to moi as 10-14 business days. I think we are entering day number 8.
Maybe Rob will pull into the driveway as the UPS driver pops in with my computer part. Now I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. : )