Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Chile Report

We got a phone call tonight. It was so good to hear 23's voice. So good. They have had power for just over 24 hours. During the aftermath of the quake, 23's team has been hard at work, doing what they originally went to Chile to accomplish. And they have almost completed what they set out to do. Now that power is back and places of need are becoming clearer they will probably head south and do what they can to bring relief to many who have lost much.

The four Americans feel absolutely blessed to be in Chile. More and more stories of miracles thrill them. 23 said that there was an moment where a sparse gathering of church members voices singing praise in Spanish gave her goosebumps. Beautiful to God's ears and hers. There have been light-hearted celebrations as they people have discovered another friend or relative is safe. 23 has moms, aunts and sisters insisting that she must meet this young man or that young man. She even has a dog she can visit and cuddle with.