Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Ridiculous

My sense of humor is a little off the wall.

My family used to watch me during sad/touching scenes in movies because I'd always cry. But not that long ago someone made the startling realization that when I watch anything that others might be rolling around on the floor laughing at, I may remain stone cold sober....until someone gets hurt.

Sick and twisted I know, but I love me some good physical humor. And I love ridiculous and clever one-liners. I also kinda love jokes that are "innocently" socially unacceptable.  Along the lines of little Susie swallowed a spoon....or "Cat's Revenge"...

Anyhoo. As I got into the truck to head home after work, I saw a shopping list Rob had written that included some supplies for &'s apartment. One of the words triggered a memory of one of those socially unacceptable jokes that I find to be hilarious.

And I seriously chuckled all the way home.

I can't tell you what the joke is because a) it's socially unacceptable and b) because you would be so confused as to why the incident triggered the giggles...really...not that funny.....unless you are me...then it's stinkin hilarious.

Here's hoping you witness something that tickles your funny bone today.