Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles - Reentry

Back in the swing of life as normal now. Suffering a bit from post-vacay ennui.

But office reentry has been bizarrely easy. I expected multiple phone messages as indicated by the red glow under the collapsed stack of paperwork. Nope. I had one. A moderate pain in the neck but only one and only moderate. The paperwork stack has already been wrangled, hog-tied and sorted. (Thank you for your LACK of contribution there, EER, I appreciate your restraint.)

And another surprise at the office. Today I received an “AWESOME!” and a “PERFECT!” (punctuation, caps and enthusiasm mine). See, I’ve been collecting firings (I believe I’m the owner of nine different firings) wherein an employer is offended by some smart, snappy comeback, lacks the wit to retaliate and threatens to withhold paycheck or have me escorted from the premises by security. (This in itself is funny. Really. Trust me.) But the awesome and the perfect came with the erasure of two firings each. Yeah. That’s kind of nice.

Conundrum of the day. Should I change my tactics and go with helpfulness and uberefficiency vs the quest for the most firings?

Wait. One would require helpfulness and efficiency. The other sarcasm and mocking.

Oh well, the kudos were nice while they lasted.