Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Looking Within...

I ran across this yesterday. http://www.blogher.com/everything-we-leave-behind (I tried to post the video attached to this article and it didn't work, sorry about the snafu. So you will have to go to the link and watch it from there. )

It made me stop and think. (It will for you, too. Be forewarned there's a word to two that may offend.

This story is told in so very few words, and it's the story of a life. This girl breathed, loved, lived. Had Amanda not gotten the news that she did at the doctor, she'd be like a million other people who post quippy statuses and go on day after day sweating the minutia, griping about the government, the traffic, their love lives. Or sharing links, what they ate on Wednesday, details only a grandma could love, promoting a book, a song, a service. 

Every last one of us has zero guarantee that we will be here tomorrow. A doctor's grim pronouncement, a distracted driver, even a virus could change things forever. 

What we leave behind is the evidence of the decisions we've made. Or the impact in lives we've smeared our fingerprints all over. And our words that carry weight because they paint a picture of who we were. 

What word pictures, what legacy are you leaving for the world to read?