Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Day in the Life

Life has been a little busy lately. I feel like I've been processing all of life's wonders and beauty and a little bit of sorrow while zipping here and there.                Do you remember sections of each year where things just stopped for awhile? I do. It seemed like after Christmas, after school got going, even after school ended for the year that I was able to take a breather and get done some of the things I needed and wanted to. Somewhere that changed. I feel sometimes energized when doing and being. But other times it's a drain of the essence of my life. So while I feel busy I'm trying to be busy doing the life enriching things, not the life sucking. 

The collage pictures are not at all representative of this...and at the same time are. My grand babes love taking pictures and videos with my phone, and scrolling through them and asking questions, watching, laughing and talking. Little Guy 6 took my phone the other day and was busy snapping for 20 minutes. After he left I scrolled through the photo gallery. Fascinating. The little buggar kind of has an arty eye. Most of his pictures were of items and things.  He played with angles (Ha, ha, I think he probably was experimenting with standing on his head, and spinning on it for a couple of shots. ) Yes. My orchids are still alive. Six weeks and counting.