Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Lions and Tigers...No...Dog and Cats and Bunnies...Oh My.

I mentioned we had a productive weekend. 

Let's say that was an understatement. The terrific enamelware deal was mightily eclipsed by an event that took place on Saturday Evening.

& was out with a friend. She arrived home at 11:00 p.m. Rob was reading and I had already entered into the sleep of those who trod over hill and dale, through crowds and rain, and bag a sweet bargain. 

Suddenly, the door flew open and words flew out of our panicked daughter's mouth. My sleep fog and her panic didn't help me to understand what was said. The urgency of her tone did. I stood up and she repeated what she'd already blurted. The phrases were disjointed and confusing. "Lizzie! Sweet Potatoes! Babies!!!!!!! All over everywhere!" 

We all rushed downstairs and out into the yard. Me in my jammies, Rob in his man shorts. What she had been trying to help us understand was that Lizzie had delivered babies. And those babies appeared, at first, to be sweet potatoes. & was wondering why there were sweet potatoes in the cage when she realized that the potatoes were baby bunnies. And those bunnies had no nest.

Elizabeth Bennett Bunny and Mr. Darcy had apparently married at some point. Because, Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett Darcy had been in the family way when they joined our family. I certainly don't want to accuse Mr. Darcy of being just like that scoundrel Mr. Wickham, (again) so I will choose to believe the best about them. 
Night they were born. See the speckled back pattern like Mama and Papa?

Anyhoo. I digress, don't I?

Elizabeth Bennett Bunny and Mr. Darcy are the proud parents of three little bundles of squirming pink flesh with flecks of black. 

Top bunny, check out his back feet!!!!
Would you like to see them? 

Of course you would. 

Look very closely, there are teeny teeth!!!!!!!

Why you so cute?  (less than 48 hours after birth.)