Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles . Farmerly Known As...

First things first.... I'm going to practice blogging from my phone. Why? Good reasons... one of which is my computer's current mood swing. And the thrill of adventure that surges within when I ponder what auto-correct might do in a blog post.

Now farm report. Everyone and I mean every single CSA recipient is the proud owner of a 25 + pound watermelon. 
Note pictorial proof.

I especially love Rob snapping a picture of Big Bertha with visuals and a tape measure. And check out the entire ear of corn smut!!! Guess who that went home with? Yep.

Recipe tomorrow, using corn smut. For reals. Now let's see how phone posting went shall we...Okay. Now on the real blogger. I can't change the font or move pictures on my phone. I can't change the size of pictures or change the post time or date.  Auto correct let THREE screw-ups pass, it didn't even bother to embarrassingly correct the words I thumb-tripped over. But, it also didn't make me say something really weird. (I guess I don't need help in that department.) I also can't type horizontally on my phone so I'm more likely to trip over my stupid thumbs. BUT. I must say, phone blogging could be great when I can't post from my computer for some reason. I can always edit later.
Oooooh Pretty!