Monday, December 27, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ May You Find Your Own Golden Hand

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas. We finished up tonight. One last big meal. One more night-of-everything-pizza-type of dreams, no doubt.

But also another night of talking and laughing with family.

24, Rob and I were able to share our favorite Scripture passages about Jesus with each other. I took some of my own advice and wrote notes to everyone near and dear to me.

And other gifts were, for the most part, low-key and meaningful. We gifted some homemade stuff like laundry soap in recycled glass bottles. Toad-Boy, Mrs. Toad-Boy, 24 and Rob and I decided to avoid gifts and to use that money to do a few things together that we normally wouldn't do as our gift to each other. We did get gift certificates for flooring. I will be sure to post a picture when that bad boy is installed with a big thank you to parents and grandma!

We did do stocking stuff. 24 got Rob a golden hand back scratcher. This trinket is the hit of the moment. It is used for far more than scratching backs for sure. It has been used as a hook to annoy family members, dogs and cats. It has become a pointer to make sure someone gets a very important piece of information. Game pieces have been moved by it, both for convenience and for annoyance. It has been used as a "fake" hand and tucked into sleeves. Overall, it might be the best $5.00 spent for Christmas gifting.

Let the New Year fun and festivities grind into gear.