Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Thoughts? Does She?

Rob thinks Gladys looks like a meerkat. We are having fun with that. Especially now that her feisty personality is making thwarting her rotten plans opportunities for growling. 

Gladys has also developed some sweet leaping skillz. From couch to couch. She hunkers down, springs legs forward and nails the landing, ears flapping mid-flight. 

The little suckers are smart. They are signaling that they want to go outside by pawing the front door. Unfortunately, they often just want to go outside to dig in the dirt and play, not potty. But, we are making many trips outside every day and sometimes it's fruitful.  Also. Most of the recent pictures I've taken are blurry as it's difficult to catch them not wrestling, fighting or running. 

What think you? Meerkat Gladys? 

from wikipedia