Saturday, January 10, 2009

Super Cinema Saturday ~Meet Dave

My Review:

This film is far more entertaining than I expected.

Depending on the movie I either like Eddie Murphy or can barely tolerate him. This is one of his keepers. With near perfect comedic physical humor, Murphy plays a believable space ship and ship captain. Some of the dialog is comedy gold. Murphy's robotic awakenings and learning curve are laugh out loud hilarious.

Amazingly clean with the exception of a few party scenes where the crew reacts to new stimuli including mojitos and salsa dancing. A number of crew members (the weapons expert is exposed to the Rockettes and is never the same, the tech guy finds MySpace) play out some stereotypes that tend to get annoying, but do add a bit to the story. Plenty of bodily function humor. The mostly family friendly storyline makes for some predictability.

Fans of Murphy's Daddy Day Care and Dr Doolittle, and fans of Galaxy Quest should find much to like.