Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Free? Now You're Talking...

What do cat litter and Sunchips have in common?

I don't think I want to spend a lot of time thinking about that. But I do know I've gotten free coupons for both of those items after seeing their free offers here.

I tend toward skepticism after being burned more than once, but the draw of free gets me more often than not.

So far, in the past few months, I've gotten four or five free coupons. Not bad for a few clicks on the computer. Some offers require participation of some sort. Keep that in mind. The bigger the offer the more you will likely have to participate in...but....that can be worth it big time as I've recently found out.

I'll tell you about my big, BIG, freebie later. That one caused me to nibble my fingernails a few times while waiting for my prize. But in the meantime, go check this out. Who knows what you might find.