Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Pause to Reflect...

The red faces are not devils, FYI, they are ladybugs.
I just finished a stint on the frontline.

"Really, Kelly? You don't strike me as Special OPS material. But, hey, you do you."

My mission was challenging. Tested my endurance, my abilities, every skill set I thought I had developed over my lifetime, and even my sanity.

You see. I had the grands and their two big dogs for nearly a month, errrr no it was less than a week. But. Just sayin.

In that week's time there were two incidents of random vomiting.

Not one single night where someone or something didn't wake me up.

There was a finger biting incident when all were supposed to be sleeping.

I had to apologize for yelling "Shut UP!" over the cacophony of fighting voices in the back seat. Not once but twice. The sage advice from the 9 year old was to just simply say "Be Quiet" next time.

I have never washed more laundry or dishes in my life.  Nor have I ever had to referee more squabbles, more skirmishes, more incidents ever. I said things like. "Stop licking your brother right now." "Do NOT wipe that on me. Go wash your hands!" "What about this sounded like a good idea at the time?" "Really. Did we just go there?!?" "Go to sleep NOW! Sweet dreams, Pumpkin!"

Okay. I did raise three children so I'm pretty sure I've said all those things and more and done more laundry, and dishes. But give me a break. Like I said, I've just returned from the front lines. And honestly, I'm missing the chaos just a little bit this morning. Sigh. Those kids.