Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Meetings of the Minds.

A serious and animated discussion on the themes and hidden meaning/depth in the plotting and characterization in Out of the Frying Pan punctuated the book club agenda. 

The Connor, Owen and GMA book club is very serious about their books and only read a few a year due to the difficulty with print size and understanding the written word for some members.

Out of the Frying Pan was chosen because of the close relationship they have with one of the authors. Now this in and of itself is a problem. They will tread very carefully when formulating the review and the star rating. The authors know this and would expect nothing else from this finely tuned book club of three.

Of course, GMA is invaluable for the wisdom born of life experience. Plus the stories she has read, the woman knows books. Owen and Connor bring the element of newness and unbridled joy when something really clicks in the story line or mechanics of the novels they choose.

Usually this club meets more than once and discusses different elements of the book each time. The first discussion was over the dual genre. Unfortunately, this took over the full agenda but was finally resolved. Owen methodically counted the red herrings used to show the meeting of expectation for the cozy mystery elements. Connor, who enthusiastically wears his heart on his sleeve, is enamored with the equally solid romance aspect. 

GMA once again steered the book club to the common sense middle road where the book could be dually classified because it met the requirements of both. Of note, Out of the Frying Pan is called a romantic cozy mystery because the romance does not follow the formula of romance to the T. After all, the classic is boy meets girl, conflict, feelings, conflict, parting, reconciliation and happily ever after. Connor teared up a bit as he was forced to concede and agree with the decision they must make. Once decided all jumped on board, but bed time was approaching so further discussion was shelved.

Next month they with get together to discuss the hidden themes within the pages. Already suspicious that love and food will be closely connected they are also wondering about the murder and the motives and looking for the deep human condition that can tie the love and murder together. Hopefully the younger members will get good naps in because this could prove to be volatile.