Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Thursday Thoughts

Four things I re-learned these last few weeks. 

1) Life can turn on a dime. Make plans, think all is going according to those plans and that's all good and well. But we are not as in control as we think we are. Not at all. 

2) Sometimes I stink way less than I think I'm going to at something. Maybe taking a chance here and there is an okay thing to do. 

3) For everything there is a season. A season to laugh and a season to cry. A season to rejoice and a season to grieve. A season to build and a season to take apart. A season to dance and a season to rest. A season to plant and a season to harvest. I've loosely translated these words from a very wise man's writings,  and his conclusion is one I'd have to agree with, living selfishly, clutching greedily is not really living at all. What is living is to be honorable, loving and fearing God and to do things with His glory in mind. Because, the very good things that come out of that harvest are gifted back to us in ways far beyond what we can imagine as greed mongers. 

4) God makes no sense to me. If I ruled the universe I would do things so differently. But, there is great comfort in that. I would be a terrible ruler of the universe. I thank the Lord for no's, detours, bumps in the road, opportunities that take me where I had no intention of going. Delays that keep me from my course. I thank Him for giving Himself opportunities to prove to us over and over again that He is God and we are not.