Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Day #3 QuitCHIR ~ Countin Some Blessings

My day two "lose the negativity" quest went..., well, well. One of my most challenging of late co-workers didn't come to work. That may have helped a bit. However, one of the others was especially crabby. A little storm cloud followed her in and we chatted after she arrived. Mostly, she complained. A few minutes into her tirade I told her I was trying to be more positive and stop the cycle of negativity. She laughed out loud then told me that positive thinking is a crock. But I did effectively end the negative flow of her words. She teased me throughout the day but didn't launch back into her complaining. Hmmm. Interesting technique I may have to hang on to.

I noticed a few things about my day when I was looking for the positive: The sun was shining and the temperature hit the upper thirties, making it officially beautiful. Compared to an April 70 degree day, maybe not, but beautiful none the less. I started my day with prayer and chewed on some spiritual truths on my way to work. I made a dent in the stack of paperwork on my desk. Sometimes just digging in instead of dreading digging in and putting it off is really the best plan. Less wasted energy spent fretting. One of my co-workers had some time on her hands and offered to do a job that I put off because it's so overwhelming and insignificant but yet has to be done. ... Wow. That was a HUGE blessing. A doctor from another clinic not only held a door for me twice, the second time he opened the door, stood to the side and motioned for me to go through first. And not in an inpatient, "hurry up, Lady" kind of way. Crazy, that doesn't happen very often.

What happened to you today that you would call a blessing?

See. It's not so hard.

Today. Write a list of ten blessings, positives, greats, betters in your life, and stick it somewhere where you can see it.. And keep paying attention to what you are saying and hearing and try to add a little light, a little positive into your surroundings. You can do it. Shoot for one positive to one negative.