Monday, March 10, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles - Top o' the Monday to You.

Iowa is oozing Spring.

Gross imagery, but true. The air is heavy with humidity and the ground, swamplike.

Lest you think my taste leans to the Shrek, let me continue my thoughts.

Today, the sky produced monochromatic shades of Robin's egg blue and the sun shone. So much so that the cats called a truce and shared the four p.m. stripe on the living room carpet.

So, I've decided that today is as good a day as any to embrace the adventure that God is providing.

Have I mentioned that He has been bestowing much attention on our previous prayers for growth, change and health? If you know God well, you know He doesn't work in any prescribed format. Nor does He provide a suggestion box. Oh, I know He listens to me, but asking Him to get involved in my life is akin to praying for patience. I'm going to get the opportunity to stretch some muscles.

Today, I'm working on thanking the Lord for the IRS. This may take awhile, and it may be the reason my entire neighborhood was swathed with the hint of spring...because Kelly's inner Pollyanna really could use a blast of awesome nature to begin to warm to the idea of embracing taxes.

If nothing else, this week I'll have the opportunity to at least avoid thinking about taxes for a bit since I have two books to read and three to review this week.