Thursday, August 18, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Chapters

I have stated multiple times that I love change. This is either a good thing or a twisted self-fulfilling prophecy. 

I guess either way it is my life so I'm just going to embrace it. 

I have always loved having a houseful of near and dear ones. When my kids were teenagers I was thrilled to be the congregating house. For several years before American Ninja Warrior we had a second story that was just roughed in (2 x studs, windows and weather protection.) It was a massive clubhouse at times. The kids and their friends wrote their names, funny comments and Bible verses on the floor, and in framed out doorways They'd hang from rafters and swing from board to board. 

Our daughters two best friends lived with us over a summer, one extending her stay nearly a year. We even had a soldier camp out on our couch for a few weeks while he was waiting to head to Iraq. 

I'm not saying there weren't rough patches here and there with constant patter of big teenage or young adult feet. But our house always felt alive. Zinging with energy. 

Slowly, our upstairs was finished. We moved into our new square feet and used the previous bedrooms downstairs as storage. Our kids got older. Number one married and moved out while still in college. Our youngest moved out way too young. Our middle daughter hung the longest. She finally moved about three years ago. 

This house has felt pretty empty and huge for the past three years. The relationships are great,  and we are within 25 miles of each other. All is well. Children have entered the picture making our children an even bigger draw. My absolute favorite times are when we are all together, whether in our house or one of theirs, or actually anywhere. 

The past Christmases since our middle daughter started foster care the whole family has spent Christmas Eve night. And Christmas night. The 26th always feels a little hollow when they pack up their noise and their clutter and their sweet little selves and head out the door. 
Rob and I talked. Our house is too big for just us. Two people don't need 4+ bedrooms. Or 2,500 sq ft.  But our last rooms aren't quite ready for resale. See them scattered about through here. 

In anticipation I've been getting rid of stuff like a maniac. You've seen my posts on and off for two years now. First year 2000 items goal. Bam. Done in three months. Realistically we purged probably 5000 items. Second year real close to that. I haven't quit. Actually I've ramped it up. We decided we'd like a 700-800 square foot house. Just enough room for cozy sleepovers with kiddos on Christmas.  Stay tuned. There's more coming.