Thursday, November 01, 2007

Serials and Scenarios -Boo Humbug

Looking for a new, fun Christmas tradition?

Here's an idea.

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My Review:

Families who love to laugh together, lovers of things off kilter, and fans of fun might want to check into adding Boo Humbug to the Christmas traditions list.

My Christmas is not complete until we've laughed through A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out!") or Christmas Vacation ("Squirrel!"). If either of those movies appeals to you, keep reading.

The small town of Skary, Indiana is the setting of a slap-dash, sleep-deprived vision of Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol. Nearly everything that can go wrong does. Humor and a surprising amount of tears keep the story whipping along at a brisk holiday bustle. A sweet twist toward the end brings it back home and evokes the warm fuzzies that every classic Christmas feel good movie/book produces.

This charming tale is a reminiscent of my favorite moments of Christmas cheer like, A Christmas Story, Skipping Christmas and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Anyone who is a fan of any of these beloved Christmas mainstays might want to look into adding Boo Humbug to their library.

As for me, my first Boo book will not be my last. If these characters are this charming during Christmas madness, they'll be a delight to get to know a little better during a "normal" day in Skary.