Monday, November 05, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Weekend Project .... finally done

So I started a project two weekends ago. Or was it three? And I've had craft paraphernalia hanging out in all the nooks and crannies of my life for that long. The fact that most of my projects were big made for all the more fun and games, and the patient sighs from the husband. 

I got several pieces of furniture from a friend's mom a few years ago. Neat pieces, with potential and made like they used to make them back in the day. Quality and all that. But they were ugly. No way around it. One piece has actually lived in the shed for a long time. I just found it again. Yay. Hoarding has never paid off so well.

A friend introduced me to MacKenzie - Childs and mentioned that one of my ugly pieces definitely had potential for a makeover. And then there is the whole Pinterest suggestion of decoupaging fabric to wood pieces. 

So I bought clearance knobs at Hobby Lobby, crazy paint colors that incorporate my kitchen personality, and fabric.

I cut out the fabric and left a little extra. Once the glue/decoupage dried I used an exacto knife to slice off the excess. I put on two coats of decoupage and let it dry very well and covered it with a matte paint-on varnish. When and if I change my mind down the road I think I can just rip it right off, but it will stay put til I decide to go there.

The paint and knobs finished the pieces off. The wall cabinet is a flaky mess but I love the tri-color chipped feel. So I brushed the chips off and covered the whole thing in the matte varnish. I still have the looks without the flaking lead (probably) paint chips in the house. 

I mentioned craft supplies hanging everywhere...well...the project was finished about three hours before my family came over for dinner. Win. Win. Win. 

The chalkboard is a cruddy, falling apart table that should have been thrown away. My husband totally shook his head in wonder at my idea. I could almost see the thought bubble. "Why?! WHY?!?" forming over his head. I sanded the table top down, put on two coats of painted-on chalkboard paint. Let it cure, painted big poppies on it, then seasoned the board with chalk and while doing so discovered I loved the chalk dimension on the poppies. Rob sawed the legs off and we hung it. The printing is atrocious and I forgot to redo it before the party. But, hey. It is what it is.