Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Monday Funday

So Monday was the best. I got to spend time with all my G-Babes. Now, this time was spent at a store which may or may not have been fun for the moms. But I had a great time. And then I went home without them so didn't have to worry about sugar rushes and over tiredness. 

Thinking about becoming a G-ma? I highly recommend it.

The weekend included me using up and emptying my pantry and freezer of four items that made me do a happy dance.

What is wrong with me that I get excited about using up items so they can be recycled and OUT of my house or consumed and out of my freezer? Yeah. I'm twisted.

Note to self: Do not EVER buy spice blends when you already have the individual spices in your pantry. That's just LAZY, so KNOCK it off.

Sorry you had to hear that.