Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Weird Begets Weird...

So. I just went on a walk with snow grazers.

Never heard of a snow grazer?

Well, it's like your run-of-the-mill grazing type animal. Instead of grass eating, though, it eats snow.

Oh, and it's not exactly like a normal grazing animal of the bovine or equine category. No it is a dog. Or dogs. Yes. They scooped up mouthful after mouthful of snow, to eat.

And speaking of weird, and since I'm on a time crunch I'll just share a little more weirdness with you.

My BFF writing friend and I have a little game we play. A long, long time ago she got a rejection letter and it made her sad. Super sad. So being the great friend that I am I wrote her a little scene involving a hero with long flowing hair and crazy muscles who rushed in to save the day.

Pretty much, at this point, I've written a book. However, it is lame and gaggy in the worst way. But, just because it's fun to write some really goofy things, I'm going to share her favorite lines from the last two scenes I sent her.

To set up the scenes. Michelle is careening off to a large city to harm her rotten agent. Fabio is looking for her, knowing she was on the edge but not knowing where she is.

Michelle's favorite lines:

A sport car nearly clipped him in the thigh, would have if he hadn’t done some fancy footwork.

He had a mission and he would take prisoners if need be.

The greeter, a smiley broad-faced guy veering on the brink of collecting Social Security did his job.

Fabio felt every muscle ripple into a tightly coiled throttle machine.

Remember the mission. Security guards would only slow it down.

Oh, she could do drive. She had filing drawers full of drive.

She had enough drive to crush him and his little car.

slick as toast sliding under a door.

Trying to hide in the anonymity of rush hour.

Revenge, best served any temperature.