Sunday, January 24, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Love

I never thought I'd write a post like this. But when a friend forwards a link to a blog where the goal is to unite godly like minded singles, how can I not? 

My daughter, Julianna, is a woman who deserves an amazing man. 

Note I said man. And unfortunately there are few too men available out there. Boys are a dime a dozen.

Julianna lives her life to glorify Christ alone. And He has asked much of her. Currently, she is foster parenting alone and is doing an amazing job of it. God called her to this path a few years ago, first by putting children on her heart, then foster children. He led her through one open door at a time until she was given the opportunity to take on a family of three children. With little more than the experience of nannying for a large family, the love of children and about 50 hours of extensive training she said yes. 

What a faith walk this has been for her, and what a blessing it's been for her dad and I to watch her blossom and bloom into a godly mother. She doesn't have the luxury of live in help. Nor is raising someone else's kids easier than natural born. Actually, raising birth children doesn't require visits to counselors for three children every week. Nor does it involve visits with biological parents who are so broken they can't put their kids first in any situation and consider that their kids owe them along with the state and the foster parent. 

Just a month ago the 11-month-old half sister of her kids joined the family. Julianna has morphed and moved to accommodate this little one. Her first birthday party was a homemade event that rivals the best birthday party pins out there. Julianna delights in each child individually, giving them reasons to feel loved and known. She handles struggles, growing pains and the grieving process with patience and grace. 

The three, when they entered her home, had been in house after house and each of them was in full survival mode. She waded through some intensely yucky stuff and has given them a childhood that is normal and full of joy for the past 19 months. These kids' lives are forever changed by her love, and she has been changed by them. The future is not completely certain. She will adopt if she is given the opportunity. 

Foster care is just one facet of Julianna. She is a loyal friend. Her heart is open and generous. She carries a profound wisdom that has come from a walk with God and some intense hurts. Always seeking to glorify God and grow into looking more like Jesus, she is a delight. A quick sense of humor colors her outlook and her days. She can and will find the joy in each and every day. And she will spread it where she can. Older folks and kids adore her. Seekers go to her for help navigating spiritual pathways. The only folks who don't adore her are the ones who find no value in relationship and great love for the black and white of law and tradition. Her enthusiasm and zest for life doesn't compute very well there. But I believe that really isn't the type of person Julianna loves to hang out with anyway. Laughing , talking, crying, living with Julianna is beyond a blessing. 

Any man who would want to be part of Julianna's life would have to love Jesus wholeheartedly. He would also have to want to raise children and he would need to love dogs. Lily and Lola, lab/boxer sisters are part of the pack.