Monday, June 18, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Saturday Score in Antique City

 So I had a pretty full and productive weekend. 

Saturday found & and me joining my folks in Antique City, Iowa. (Also known as Walnut).

Yay. How cute is this little bargain?
The city houses vendors from all over sprawled out on the main and secondary streets, over 300 booths I think. (One guy from Texas had quite the set up...I can't imagine taking glassware across the country, packing, unpacking and repacking - UGH). To sell antiques you have to love, love, love what you're doing, I can't imagine there's a whole lot of money in it. 

Speaking of money. I was restrained but successful. I think I got a sweet bargain. I love enamelware. And I've been eying one guy's booth every year waiting for his prices to drop. He's got big flour bins and bread boxes. They are beat up, as almost every enameled thing I've ever seen is, but they are so cool.
I was disappointed at his booth. Each of his items was $85 to $115. I just couldn't justify those price. So I went away telling myself that I might find something perfect someday.

Small town Iowa.
A table way down the road had a bunch of miscellaneous items. On the ground, under the table I saw an enamelware turkey roaster. It said savory in bumpy letters on the sides of the pot and had it's lid. Cream colored with green edging and handles. Perfect. Big enough to use as a bread box (or for a party sized bunch of garlic bread, chips, popcorn, endless possibilities). I saw the price tag. $20.00. No way. I guessed there had to be a big hole in the bottom of the roaster and lifted the lid.
Perfect. That's right. And she took $15.00 for it, too. Yes! 

My dad scored a great deal on a stained glass window. And we all got quirky cool little tidbits of fun, too. Rain hit hard a few hours in. (Another ugh for the poor vendors.) But was short-lived. None of us melted. 
"Look what Mommy got for you, Honey." "NO! Mommy, NO!"

I love the quaint little house with the yard full of hollyhocks. It doesn't get more small town Iowa than this. Ya know. 

And. This doll. Oh my. I just had to take a picture. I can't imagine anyone being on the lookout for an eyeless, soulless doll. But if they were, well, it was there for the picking. (pun intended, not funny, sick and twisted, but intended indeed.) Shudder. This is a nightmare maker. What a gift it would make. Or it would even beat the horse head in the bed, ya know?