Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles - I Diderot

Recently, I wrote about the Diderot Effective. The one wherein psychologically one purchase leads to more. The new skirt morphs into the shoes and necklace, too. Or the paint for the living room stretches the budget or assaults the credit card because new accessories and decor are a must.

I might be guilty of ignorance of this effect but marketers are not. Slap my forehead. This would be why window shopping or emotional shopping might be the deadliest thing for your budget. Can I just call out the elephant in the room? Who doesn't have their head turned by the ever morphing magical place called the Target $1 area? I can discover a lot of needs while standing and inhaling the scent of cheap plastic and burlap.

Then there is every new season's and holiday display of colors and styles draped on dummies (Of course I don't mean those who buy! And those mannequins aren't dummies....those are effective tools). Each item paired with multiple pieces, shoes and accessories. Hmmm, not an accident that everything goes together oh so well! 

Speaking of colors. Who's the evil genius behind the new it color palettes? And don't forget the creative minions who use those colors to design cute household accessories. Oh, and the off-to-college themes with the clever space saving furniture and organizers. 

I don't want to become a conspiracy theorist but...if the whole industry is conspiring for our hard earned dollars can we say the shoe fits????

I think I need to ponder this more. I may have a bigger issue than I thought. Fingers tapping on the table top.

This hideous Exhibit A photo is my stack of fancy paper cupcake liners. Remember back in the day when you either got plain white or an assortment of pastels and that was enough? 

Do I really need polka dot, leopard print, stripes and plain fuchsia, teal and blue cupcake liners? Apparently I thought I did.