Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ I Interrupt ...

...regular scheduled blogging to announce that I'll be an infrequent or absent blogger for a really long weekend.

But because I don't want you to go through any sort of withdrawal, I'm going to open myself up to public humiliation by sharing this link with you.

here and you'll go to a magic page with many, many short stories and devotionals I've written over the months and years since I began posting my "stuff" aka thoughts, words, drivel on the internet. Hopefully, you might see a progression of my "talent." All snarky and sarcastic comments are welcome. Feel free to talk about me while I'm gone. And while I'm away from the computer, I'll be cultivating memories that no doubt will end up here.

And here is a picture my daughter-in-law took of that amazing lightning storm a few weeks ago. Spooky-cool.

Behave. And have a fabulous, restful "weekend." I will.