Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles - Lily and Lola Go to School

Week One Obedience Class:


The teacher, Madame Julie, praised Lily and Lola. Said they did an awesome job. (It may be because Lily and Lola were wearing their special face harnesses that keep them controlled so no chance of 22 taking any unexpected ski jumps while out for a walk. Or of store bowling with 22 as the ball.)

Lily and Lola took a stroll around the store. There were no destroyed displays, broken bones or schnuffled children. (Slight correction. Lola kind of took a stroll. Kind of. Lily made it out of the training pen and down the first aisle five times before turning back to start over.)

Only one other dog was present. Sawyer the four month old perfectly behaved golden retriever. Lily and Lola got lots of one on one attention.

They learned the "Get it" and "Watch" commands which were new to 22 and me. "Watch" will come in very handy.

Both Lily and Lola had full tummies by the time the class was over.


Lily barked when we attempted to put on the harness. A not so charming habit they've developed. Apparently, when they are excited to go on an adventure they must avoid the only thing that makes said adventure a go.

We were late.

My fingernails had bacon scented crumbs embedded in them and Lola nearly ripped the pocket off of my jacket.

Many, many practice sessions to follow.