Monday, December 28, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Can't Stop Christmas an Odd Ode

oh the snow we did get.

the powder did fly.

the icicles grew

and the cars they did try.

Christmas still came

with windy whispers,

snow plumes and

great gusty gasps

and a whole lot less folks

than we normally have.

the turkey fed fewer

and the pickings were slim.

the glittery snow blanket

cosseted the usual din,

the last-minute rushin, the one-more-thing trip to the mall,

and those problems didn't change

one thing at all.

Christmas, whether you know the real meaning of Christ and His gift,

is about loving, and giving and sharing yourself, as He did.

Traditional not,

skinnier and sparse

Christmas still happened and I consider myself blessed.

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