Monday, August 11, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Chasing Change

Even though my really restful and laid back vacation did not require a few days to recover from said vacation...I'm pretty sure life went on in abundance while we stepped out.

Somehow, we are nearing the middle of August. I'm just getting used to the idea of 2008. Do any of you remember Y2K? Nine years ago I was deciding whether or not to take it seriously. Would life as we knew it end at midnight? Or would I be dumping gallon after gallon of carefully hoarded water on my summer garden months later?

On a less global scale is the major change in our lives.

Hubby has been given an opportunity that knocked our collective socks off (figuratively...we DO NOT wear socks with flip-flops) and will change the face of our family. Instead of building and constructing and grinding his joints in ten plus hours of hard labor every day, he'll teach others how to build.

I am REALLY proud of him. A guy who has a semester of college under his belt and next to nil in computer knowledge is going to teach a full-time college course, using a computer to communicate much of what he needs to with his students. He is totally humbling himself in this new arena. He has to admit that there a many things he doesn't know, and he is now a little fish in a huge pond. To give up/scale back what he has been doing for nearly thirty years is a huge step. He has a reputation as a good, honest builder and he has made a good, honest living. This is so new, so different, and I can only imagine a little scary.

This is a huge God-thing, too. Not only did it come out of the blue...three weeks ago we had zilcho in the clue department that something like this could open up. But we can see where God has prepared him to take on this career hairpin turn. As a carpenter, Rob has been a teacher, he trained workers, he taught skills to our kids' 4-H group, he taught skills in our Wednesday night kid's classes. As a elder in the church he's taught all ages on all sorts of different occasions, from pulpit time in a suit and tie, to decked out in faux Biblical garb as a traveling story teller. He's also had training in basic computers as the church treasurer (he knows how to turn one on.)

It's also a picture of my husband's walk of faith. He is fully trusting God to guide and direct him. Did I mention that I'm proud of him? Really, really proud?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rob! I am so very happy for you. What a well deserved opportunity!