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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Serials and Scenarios ~ Frying Pan Update

Since Michelle and I finished our epic tale, Out of the Frying Pan, we've begun thinking about a follow up story. Since the first one took over five years to finish I suppose I shouldn't be shouting the news from the roof tops. Right? Yeah. Right. 

Frying Pan started as a fun little collaboration and one of us, (ME!!!!) kept putting off finishing the dang thing. First was the two years of insecurity. Yeah, that was fun. Then the few years that Michelle was publishing three novels of her own and writing two of them which, of course, took the pressure off of me and I didn't have to keep telling her no. 

But, interestingly, while I was visiting her in Minnesota she got two emails from two different publishers wanting to take a look at the whole manuscript. Can I claim that I was just waiting for the perfect, ripe time to get a fire under my rear end and just do it? 

Yeah. That's the story I'm going with. 

In the meantime, until we have a contract, I'm pretty excited to have it done (pending many, many edit suggestions from critique groups and future editors) and to actually like it. And it seems fun again, to ponder what the future holds for Fern Zula, Flynn and Kathryn. I can tell you that future will be troublesome because Zula is in major matchmaking mode. 

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