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Change. I've learned to embrace it, ride it out til the end. Sometimes I'm kicking and screaming, other times weeping with my eyes clinched tight. Once in awhile I ride like a dog in a car, head out the window snorting what life has to offer. Mother to young adult children, a marriage of thirty years, and a desert to mountain to valley waltz with God have shaped me into someone I never imagined I'd be. Life is short and I want to live it. Tears, sighs, laughter and change. Every morsel granted to me. Scrambled, shaken or stirred.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Recap, Recoup, Release

Since our book release on September 6th we have been all over the internet. Just in case you want a place to find all those links easy-peasy, I've got one right here! 

Meet Gladys and Gertrude, my writing companions! Michelle and Ada will appear on the 23rd and big reveal with a drumbeat please, in October our book will be the focus and again in January Daisy and Daffodil the crazy hedgehogs will be in the spotlight!

Getting to know me, and Getting to know Michelle much to Zula's annoyance because #OutoftheFryingPan should be all about her. 

Another all about me and story backgrounds

All about my dark season of insecurity almost derailing Out of the Frying Pan. (one more day to enter that drawing!!!!)

My surrender story. 

Background and Building Blocks - Out of the Frying Pan

Zula's Recipes!!!

Reclaiming your peace from chaotic clutter 

All about Zula and Fern 

Trish Perry   (free giveaway still kicking!!! Hurry!) 

Rel Mollet (Free giveaway still ticking down...tick, tock, tick) 

I'm headed up north for a book signing. My first. Woot! Woot! Where we will serve some of Zula's recipes. And we will do a phone interview while we are together too. I will definitely be sharing bits and pieces about both of those events!!!!