Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Thirty Day Vegan...Day 6

Day 6 into my 21 Day Project. Writing/Editing every day on my co-written mystery. So far I've written three scenes and have edited each of them. I've also thought ahead a bit about what will be happening to bring the skeletal plot to life. I've been reading the first several chapters out loud, looking for glaring issues.

I can't say I'm having "fun" with this. I'm enjoying parts of it. I like putting my thoughts down in coherent word pictures that are supposed to evoke some sense or other. And when something I've written survives multiple edits and still makes me see, hear, smell or taste what I was describing...well, that's pretty cool. Especially since the co-writer is a ruthless editor. She loves to murder darlings. Lives for it, actually. : )

Day 6 Vegan = will usher in my first attempt at Vegan meatloaf. I'm not a meatloaf fan. So this could be interesting. I think I don't like it because I've chomped into things that I've not been able to chew and had to hide in my napkin. Oh, and the ketchup frosting always gives me pause. However, I'm thinking a bean/mushroom/nut/oat meatloaf might be delicious. I'll let you know.