Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Minupdate

In case you are wondering....there are going to be a few new blogs in town. 

I announced on Facebook that this is happening. 

September 6th. Coming your way. Out of the Frying Pan...the book. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A thousand moons or more in the making, cooking, editing and writing of this story. It's here!  

Because our characters are BIGGER than life. They need their own blog. So in a few weeks, Zula and Fern should be hitting the blogosphere. With ZU-fer. A blog. About so many interesting things. 

Gladys can't wait!

And beginning now I'm collaborating on a new humor blog called Modern Day Mishaps. Where a bunch of hilarious or mildly amusing or completely inappropriate gals share snippets of the, uh, well, mishaps in their lives. Mishaps sounds so much kinder than clumsy, ridiculous or goofy, right? 

I'll be sure to share where to find both of these places as soon as it all starts happening.