Monday, June 22, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Sound of Silence

Weird. I am alone. Why in the world is this blog-worthy? Good question It's probably because I have NOT been alone in my house for weeks. We've had guests and they have been oh so welcomed and oh so much fun. But the guests include children and children and dogs equals noise. Lots of noise. 

Right now I'm processing how quiet my house is going to be when they are gone. It makes me a little sad. The dogs are sawing logs and unaware of coming changes in their lives again. But I suppose that's the nature of their lives... change. They weren't adopted into a low key household where normal is 

I have some instruments that will be glad of home alone time. And a blog. And, er, a thousand household crevices. 

For now I'm enjoying the silence.