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Change. I've learned to embrace it, ride it out til the end. Sometimes I'm kicking and screaming, other times weeping with my eyes clinched tight. Once in awhile I ride like a dog in a car, head out the window snorting what life has to offer. Mother to young adult children, a marriage of thirty years, and a desert to mountain to valley waltz with God have shaped me into someone I never imagined I'd be. Life is short and I want to live it. Tears, sighs, laughter and change. Every morsel granted to me. Scrambled, shaken or stirred.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Aw Cheek Pinching Cute, Eh?

Do I have great lookin kids or what?

From left to right. 18. 22 (soon to be 23). Toad-Boy and his lovely wife who has no specific blog-nickname. Hmmm. I will call her Wife of Toad-Boy...or WT-B. (Which is equal to an unpronounceable symbol.)