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Change. I've learned to embrace it, ride it out til the end. Sometimes I'm kicking and screaming, other times weeping with my eyes clinched tight. Once in awhile I ride like a dog in a car, head out the window snorting what life has to offer. Mother to young adult children, a marriage of thirty years, and a desert to mountain to valley waltz with God have shaped me into someone I never imagined I'd be. Life is short and I want to live it. Tears, sighs, laughter and change. Every morsel granted to me. Scrambled, shaken or stirred.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Beware the Ides of November

Insanity is my middle name. Okay, it’s actually Sue, but for the purpose of illustration today, it’s Insanity.

It has a nice ring, I think. But we’ve already established I’m insane.

Not only have I taken on two classes to teach on top of the other November happenings, I have decided to do NaNoWriMo again.

Last year I finished well, won a certificate of completion which I framed in a nice, red 8x10.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. In the month of November many foolish and/or driven people set out to conquer a novel.

My posts on Scrambled Dregs will no doubt take an interesting slant as I reel from the sheer number of words and hours spent typing them.

I’d like to ask you, my dear readers, to throw out a name worthy of my heroine.

She’s in her twenties, quirky, loves kids and coffee. Give it a shot. If I choose your suggestion I will award you with an autographed copy should any ever see the light of day.

If anything good flows from my fingers onto the screen, I may share a few scenes with you. Why not, it seems like something an insane person might do.